Four year old students at Loving Arms memorize 26 scripture passages; one for each letter of the alphabet.
Academic Excellence
At LACC, teaching your child is something that we take very seriously. For this reason, you will see professional lesson plans posted in each classroom that address the academic needs of each child in our classes. Our classes address auditory, kinesthetic, visual, advanced and struggling learners by implementing differentiated learning strategies.

Preschool Program

Children at Loving Arms Children's Center receive a strong Christian education married with academic excellence in our Preschool program--for no additional tuition charges.

LACC is one of the only Christian centers in the metro area. Our Christian education is planned by our Director of Christian Education, Pastor and a lead teacher who has a colloquy in Religion. We have Jesus time daily which includes Bible stories, songs and art projects. Our pastor also conducts a weekly chapel chat for our three and four year-olds.

Every lead teacher in our center is an educated and experienced teacher. Lead teachers either have a Bachelor's Degree, Master's Degree or a Child Development Associate credential.

Three year-olds work on letter recognition, calendar, word walls, shapes, colors, science skills, patters, sequences as well as social skills that involve sharing, "talking out" our problems, and working on preliminary problem solving skills. Three year-olds are taught independence by having their meals served "family style" so that children pour their own milk and put their own food on their plate. Each child has a daily "job" to help instill a sense of pride and independence.

Four year-olds learn letter blends, word recognition and many of our students graduate from our program learning how to read. We use a writing curriculum called "Handwriting Without Tears" that utilizes a workbook, wooden lines and curves to illustrate letter formation and dry erase "practice boards". Four year-olds memorize 26 Scripture verses that correlate with the 26 letters of the alphabet. Students learn to count by fives, tens and twenties as well as learn to recognize number families. Science and exploration is taught in this room as well. Assessments are done on each student's academic achievement and teacher's partner with parents in order to help students prepare for kindergarten. Our entire curriculum in this room is based upon the Kindergarten Readiness criteria used in Johnston, Des Moines and Ankeny Public Schools.

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